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Overcoming Crisis by: Vyrl Pember

What do you do when it seems every thing you trusted collapses?

How do you prepare for a sudden change of life? How do you recover

when life hits you on the blind side? After you have spent a life of hard

work and commitment to a chosen career. How do you suddenly change

your skill set? When your life long dreams and investment fail and

and it is not your fault, what do you do? What do you say to your family

when you face the reality that you may not be able to fulfill those expectations

of security, support, and provisions.

Where do you go when you want to work but there are no jobs that

fit your skill set. Your sense of pride for personal accomplishment

is dashed into the fire of survival. How do you deal with a pink slip

from a company you have help build over years of time.?

Each one of us will face some kind of crisis. Each one of us will face some

kind of crisis or situation over which we have no control, which came to

us unexpectedly, the unexpected death of a spouse, child, or your business.

These all can be classified as crisis.

Living on this earth requires us to expect the unexpected and to prepare

for the unforeseen. But many of us do not possess the necessary

resources such as emotional, psychological, and spiritual tools to

successfully and efficiently deal with this season of turmoil that has come

our way.

If this is you, would you pleases give me few more moments of your

time? Yes, our world and yes our nation is in a crisis and it has become

a Global Crisis. The Earth as we knew it has changed dramatically, the

movement of people, international trade and commerce, cultural

interaction, and political upheave. Our world, and certainly our nation

has entered into one of the most critical crises of our generation.

We as a nation are vulnerable and very fragile. We as a nation of people

will believe almost anything without checking into the values of our


As the nation, and worlds health care, economies, political and spiritual

upheaval implodes, then fear sets in and people lose confidence

in a system, they then stop participating in it. This leaves the door

wide open for Controlling and Harmful situations to take over. IN EVERY



GONE. Many human lives are lost in the wake of it. The VALUE of human life

is diminished with the ever increasing control over it’s people.

When the experts don’t know what to do, then it is time to get connected to

someone one who is smarter than all the experts put together. When you need to

overcome a crisis, it is time to look to the Overcomer.

This is what Christmas is all about. The King has come in the form of a human baby.

This Jesus grew and died for all of Human Life. Jesus has set up a Spiritual Kingdom.

We must understand that the Kingdom of God is NEVER in crisis. Think on that fact.

Let that fact sink in. The Kingdom of God is never in crisis mode because the King of

Kings is bigger than any crisis that has happened or ever will happen or is happening

right now.

Yes, He knows what to do about every crisis, but He cares about people, both individually

and corporately. He loves people and has never failed His people, The important thing

is to make sure you are one of His people. Nobody is exempt from crisis, including

Christians. You will have crisis. Jesus said, “….In this world you will have trouble. But

I have overcome the world.” Will you let Him convert your crisis into a opportunity

for Redemption, Forgiveness, Grace and Growth.


Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Vyrl Pember


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